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Recognize Amniotomy During Labor

Amniotomy during labor aims to stimulate and accelerate the labor process, by breaking the membranes. This procedure is generally carried out if the amniotic sac has not yet broken before labor or if labor lasts a long time. Amniotomy procedures are performed by a doctor or midwife by tearing the amniotic sac using an instrument called amnihook and amnicot. The accidental rupture of membranes is believed to stimulate the emergence of stronger uterine contractions, so that the cervix is open and the baby can be born faster. Reasons for Amniotomy during Childbirth The amniotic sac is filled with amniotic fluid and the placenta. The function of water and amniotic sac is to protect the fetus from collisions, injuries, and infections, to maintain the body temperature of the fetus to remain normal, as well as a place for the fetus to grow and develop before birth. Most pregnant women experience naturally ruptured amniotic fluid or rupture on their own, and this is considered a sign th
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Know the Difference Sadness and Depression, and Handling

The difference between sadness and depression can be recognized by the severity of the symptoms that appear and how long the symptoms are felt. In addition, the difference between sadness and depression also exists on its impact on a person's quality of life. Some people think depression and sadness are the same thing. In fact, there are a number of very basic differences between sadness and depression. Feelings of sadness appear as a normal reaction when someone experiences excessive stress, for example when a relative or family dies, has just been divorced, or has just been laid off from his job. After the hard time is over, usually the feeling of sadness will disappear by itself. In contrast to sadness, depression lasts for a long time. This condition is a serious mental disorder that can threaten psychological and physical health. If depression is not treated, it is very unlikely to heal on its own. Sad Differences and Depression from Various Aspects The following are a

Check Your Own Breasts, Before It's Too Late

Breast self-examination (BSE) is done by using hands and vision to check whether there are physical changes in the breast. This process is carried out so that all changes that lead to more serious conditions can be dealt with immediately. It is important to realize what the normal shape of the breast is and whether there is a change over time. Breasts generally will feel different during menstruation. Before and during this period, most women felt that their breasts would become firmer and denser. Entering menopause, the breast will feel more loose and soft. But there are certain changes that need to be watched out because it can be an indication of disease. Breast self-examination generally aims to find out the normal shape of the breasts, realize the presence or absence of changes in the breast, and so that any changes can be consulted immediately and not too late to be handled. With early breast detection, many women have survived breast cancer. How to check breasts The best t